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terms of service

if you are interested in commissioning me, please read the following terms of service. if you have any questions, you can contact me at ♡

◦ prices are in USD and payment must be received upfront before i begin your project. payments can be made via or ko-fi.◦ you may cancel your commission for a full refund as long as no work has been made on it. if i have already begun, i reserve the right to keep any amount of the initial payment. refunds will be sent back the way that i received payment.◦ shipping prices are not included in the prices for traditional pieces.◦ i require references for most commissions and at least two reference images is preferred. if you do not have a reference image i can work from a description but there will be an additional charge.◦ throughout the process i like to communicate regularly, and will send in progress shots. i welcome my client’s feedback to ensure the piece is perfect, but any extreme changes will result in additional fees.◦ once completed, you are free to post and share your piece as you wish! unless otherwise stated in our initial agreement, the artwork may not be used commercially. i do also ask that you please credit me when posting or using your art.

commissions & pricing

i take commissions via or ko-fi.below you will find the base prices for all commission types.please note: prices may vary per piece depending on complexity, supplies used, and other variables. you can contact me at for a more personalized quote ♡

digital commissions

simple head avatars: $20 USD
◦ a single subject head
◦ light shading
◦ a solid color or gradient background

painted avatars: $25 USD
◦ a single subject bust
◦ painted or shaded pencil style
◦ a simple background

painted character illustration: $75 USD
◦ a single subject
◦ painted or shaded pencil style
◦ a simple background, including gestures of scenery if desired

traditional commissions

prices for traditional work varies: $75+ USD
i am happy to take commissions for gouache, acrylic, and watercolor paintings.
please contact me for an exact quote.


focus network | 2022, finance/production and artist
in progress

witcher fanzine | 2022, finance/production and artist
in progress

oh boy, monsters! | 2021, curator/admin and artist

oh boy, monsters! was an original zine focused on monster boys and men of all types. as the head mod, my duties included management over the project, division of duties to co-moderators, formatting the books and merchandise, and ordering and shipping merchandise.

fatality & flora | 2021, artist

boss rush | 2021, artist

toasty, a bread zine | 2020, artist

pokecrossing | 2020, artist

the snake post office zine | 2019, artist

a pile of good things, an 11th doctor charity zine | 2019, artist

focus, a hzd fanzine | 2019, curator/admin, artist, and writer

focus was a horizon zero dawn fanzine that explore the relationships that aloy develops with the other characters and the world around her in the first horizon zero dawn game. as the head mod, my duties included management over the project, division of duties to co-moderators, formatting and assembling certain aspects of the project, and ordering and shipping merchandise.

sailor villain zine | 2019, artist



read on: royal road | scribblehub(updates temporarily on hiatus)

Theo Altair has a death wish.He has tried everything he can think of to cut his life short but he can never seem to get it right, and somehow he always manages to survive. His latest attempt nearly destroys his ship, which houses a sentient A.I. named Shade who is not particularly thrilled with Theo’s antics, and the duo is forced to make an emergency landing on a nearby farming moon to make repairs.There Theo meets Dimitri, a farmer-cum-engineer with a penchant to sing away his worries. The two form an unlikely friendship and when Theo tries to run away from his feelings, Dimitri isn’t quick to let him go so easily. He takes it upon himself to join Theo on his flight to the next star system — with some help from Shade — and Theo is forced to face his feelings head on.But there are some things lurking in space that are more frightening than letting yourself be cared for.

ALL SYSTEMS CRITICAL is part pastoral sci-fi, part sci-fi horror lite, part lgbt romance... and my first full novel! this was written for nanowrimo 2020, and completed/edited in the months after.i am very excited to share this story with you, and i hope you enjoy it as much as i enjoyed writing it ♡rating: pg13-ish
content warnings: suicidal ideation, brief allusions to self-harm, and violence/injury